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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kawin Kontrak

Rama (Dimas Aditya), Jody (Ricky Harun), dan Dika (Herichan), tiga anak muda yg baru lulus SMA. Mereka ingin mencuba sesuatu yang berbeza disetiap masa lapang. Kali ini mereka ingin mewujudkan obsesi, merasakan hubungan seks. Kawin kontrak lah yang menurut mereka jadi cara halal.

Film 'Kawin Kontrak' seharusnya membuat generasi muda sedar betapa salahnya melakoni kawin kontrak hanya kerana seks semata2. Dengan bahasa lawakan yang vulgar, Mampukah harapan itu tercapai?


Burgerkill was formed on May 1995, started by Eben, a scenester from Jakarta who moved to Bandung for his study. There, he met Ivan, Kimung, and Dadan who became his first line-up.

This band began its career as a side project which didn't have any certain purposes, just a bunch of metal kids jamming their axe-hard while waiting an offering to perform a real one.

But it didn't go that way in Eben's mind, he thought that this band was his life and he tried so hard to make Burgerkill worked and admitted in their communities. Since then, the band got many chances to perform, mostly in Jakarta, from Eben's friends there.

That's when the enthusiasm of underground music lovers for Burgerkill started and, indirectly, a phenomenon of hard music was born in Indonesia.

check them out on youtube RECOMENDED

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Johor Ride

Everybody was talking about this ride way weeks before and all of us were so excited that the day finally came.We started off in the wee hours of saturday morning.Reached Jb at about noon and we hit the mamak's straight away for some lunch as most of us were starving to death.

Checked in The Zon and some hit the bed and took a rest but most were seen jumping joy coming out from a duty free shop's with some crate's after crate's of booze."booze are very cheap here" some said.Can's after can's were consumed.We finally felt really rested and all those energy lost was replaced with a new one.Time flies when you're Having 'FUN'.

The next thing we know , its dinner time. We were treated to a very nice BBQ buffet courtesy of uncle johnny and Handle Bar. Stuffed to the bone and its party time .We hit the dance floor in the Handle Bar to the sound of a live band and Dj.Wow all those energy water really makes you wanna dance and dance and more dance and more energy H2o.Ziipp it... Its bedtime.. ZZZzzz..

Got up with a bad hangover but managed to make it on time for Morning Briefing.A quick breakfast and we are ready to hit the road. All 12 bikes were roaring thunder and the traffic was on our side.

Smooth sailing untill one part of the journey back to KL where we have to go easy on the trottle as its started to rain cat's and dog's.We moved on in the rain soaking wet tip to toe. As marble's turned into peebles we kept goin and took a couple of stop's for gas.

After All those long journey and all, we finally reached KL . Tired but satisfied. You can tell when you see all those faces smiling back at you.We are looking foward for more rides.

It's addictive.

More Picture's

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bad Traffic

Its not like the usual Friday where at least the traffic was moving slowly but surely.Traffic was at the standstill with no traffic police in sight.I know it was raining cats and dogs at one time but it didnt last.

Even after the rain stopped,Not a single police soul to be seen.Is there anything called Concern ? Was there anything wrong with the system ?

Anyway, Im not gonna blame it solely to the traffic police as there's quite a number of inconsiderate driver's out there who only have them self to please but not other's.

Self centered and stupid enough to break all the rules which causes the jam . They cut queue,They stopped at a yellow boxes,they ignored the red light, They honked , they cursed , and the list goes on. Its the never ending story.

What can we do ? How to beat traffic ??

Friday, May 23, 2008

Manchester United WoN

Goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar was Manchester United's hero as Sir Alex Ferguson's side claimed the club's third European Cup with a penalty shoot-out win over Chelsea on a night of almost unbearable drama in Moscow.

As many had predicted, the competition's first all-English final ended in penalties and ultimately it was van der Sar's full-length save from Nicolas Anelka that ensured United won the shoot-out 6-5 after the match had ended 1-1 after extra-time.

The triumph ensured ensured a season that has seen United mark the 50th anniversary of the Munich air disaster ended with both the Premier League and Champions League trophies back at Old Trafford.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nightlife In KL

All of the sudden there was this urge of doin something to kill your boredom.You were already bored to the bone.Being dumped, Alone , Hungry, Lonely , everything come crashing on you at one time.And you just feel like you need to go out and do something. Then there's another feeling of like , Where should i go ?? Im confused ?? What to do ?? and all sorts.... 

These are Some tips you might want to know, what's happening in KL.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Friend Spa

"A revival that your body and soul deserves"

Rejuvenate Your Body And Soul Naturally

Commencing its inaugural voyage in February 2006, the birth of Cintasari Tradispa was aimed at providing a peaceful heaven for those who wish to retreat from the hectic atmosphere of city life. A journey to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. At Cintasari Tradispa, the heart of our quest indulges on the love towards our own self, towards the people surrounding us, and towards life itself.

amidst the hussle and bussle of a Monday morning traffic snarl in the centre of Klang Valley, a modest outlet opens its doors, welcoming individuals seeking mind and body rejuvenation to preserve nature at its best. Nestled in the middle of Ampang, Cintasari Tradispa preserves the peace and tranquility which was blessed to the small community of Cinta Sari village in the Island of Java, way back in 1826.

Revitalize yourself with this harmonious treatment at Cinta Sari Tradispa where the exotic touch and the essence of Bali await you, breathing a sense of warmth and welcome. Experience the mysteries behind traditional natural herbs, tonics and essences oils known by generations of Javanese.

Call for an appointment with therapists.
Operating hours are from 11am to 9pm (7pm last appointment),7 days a week.

No. 6A, Pusat Commercial Ara Ampang,
Jalan Ampang, 68000, Ampang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

email : iefa@cintasari.com

TEL:603-4256 9998

FAX603-4256 5888

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Customer Services

This little book is a quick read but has a lot of great insights about developing a customer base that ultimately is comprised of “Raving Fans.” It is a unique book on customer service that provides some good insights for ministry.

The book is set up in with the main protagonist stepping into a new role where he is ordered to delivery vastly improved costumer service than his predecessors. Early on he encounters Charlie, is guardian angel of sorts who loves Golf about as much as he loves helping others unlock the secrets to creating Raving Fans.

Ultimately the book is about creating amazing experiences for people that keep them coming back for me. In that, I believe one can find some valuable cross pollination for ministry. After all, isn’t one of the things we’re trying to do about creating irresistible environments where people can experience God, find connection with others, and serve the world?


Monday, May 19, 2008

Tun Mahathir Quit UmNo

Former Malaysian premier Mahathir Mohamad has quit the ruling party UMNO in protest over the leadership of his successor Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi .

He resigned due to a no confidence in the leadership of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is fighting for political survival as many party members are demanding he resign to take responsibility for the party's major losses in March general elections.

Tun was answering the dared trown to him during a talk at a forum entitled 'Malays’ Future after the 12th General Election' .He was dared to take the lead in quitting Umno.

That was what he just did and he urge the rest of the member's to follow quitting until the party leadership is determined but stressed out party members not to join any other party if resign.

Anything can happen now.
We'll just have to wait and see.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lagu Lawak

Lagu ni lawak gila. Yang membuatkan lagu ni kelakar pasal lirik dia.Pecah perut ketawa.Banyak lagi lagu2 yang macam ni.

Pada sesiapa yang sedih dan boring giler boleh lah melayari youtube dan cari lagu2 macam ni. 

Mesti tak sedih dan boring lagi.Yang pasti ketawa adalah ubat kepada semua penyakit ,kesabaran adalah ubat kepada semua kejahatan ,nasihat adalah ubat kepada minda untuk berfikir ,persefahaman adalah ubat kepada mercu kejayaan.



So who's going to win the champions league this time ? The first all-English European Champion Clubs' Cup final – and the most prestigious footballing event to be held at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow .

Manchester United FC will look to pour salt on fresh wounds upon Chelsea FC after denying them the English title.Meanwhile, as the two sides go head to head for the first time in continental competition, Chelsea manager Avram Grant is looking to bring Chelsea their first European Cup.

They have created history in becoming the first Chelsea team to get to a Champions League final but they want to win it and will do everything to win against a great team.

Valentino Rossi


Valentino Rossi back to GP winning way.Valentino Rossi put his bid to regain the World MotoGP crown back on track with a dominant performance .

The extrovert Italian, riding a Fiat Yamaha, comfortably cruise his way to a podium finish.Winning two races back to back.he is back and i am so glad.

Been a very big fan since those donkey years.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Description: Had a very bad childhood experience.Tentang Adjeng (Titi Sjuman), seorang penulis muda yang masih terkurung oleh bayang-bayang masa lalunya yang Membuatkan adjeng mempunyai dua karekter.

Kadang2 dia bersikap sangat agresif ketika bersama kawan2 dan kekasihnya, Kadang2 begitu pasif di depan ibunya. Keinginan untuk lepas dari semua tekanan inilah yang mendorong Adjeng untuk mengekspresikannya ke sebuah karya tulis. 

Namun rasa keberatan Ibu memberikan sebuah dilema kepada Adjeng. Mampukah Adjeng keluar dari bawah tekanan Ibu untuk berdamai dengan masa lalunya?

Piala Thomas


Hmm rasa nya dah lama kita kempunan Piala Thomas.Malaysia tewas lagi dalam mengembalikan piala Thomas yang dah lama terlepas.

Tetapi kita patut berbangga kerana kesemua pemain malaysia bersungguh2 bermain , cuma nasib selalu tak menyebelahi kita.

Satu yang membanggakan saya adalah sokongan padu penyokong malaysia yang tak habis2 memberi semangat sepanjang perlawanan di stadium istora,senayan.

Punky Brewster


Teka Teki


Thursday, May 15, 2008



Dulu myspace then Friendster and now Facebook. You'll never get bored. People who used to have a life now hooked to Facebook.No life. Neglected a lot of things.

Suami lupa isteri,anak.Isteri lupa suami,anak,masak.Anak lupa mak ,bapak, study,Homework. 1000's of applications to venture and explore. I had a life but facebook ate it. Boss2 kat office 2 tu tolong pakai administrator password dan restrict facebook. 

Kalau tak productivity mesti kurang. Tak percaya cuba survey.Kalau yang suka judi tu mesti main Poker, sampai create berpuluh email pasal nakkan duit bila invite.Siang malam ,pagi petang, subuh shafie' tercegat depan computer main poker. Kalau yang minat game mesti main berpuluh2 game dalam facebook tu ,race keta la , moto la, macam2 lagi.

Yang murah hati nak kasi hadiah mesti pakai berpuluh2 app yang boleh hantar hadiah.Hantar pasu pun boleh.

Ni FACEBOOK saya hehehe

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pesta Perut


Hidup untuk makan atau makan untuk hidup ? Ramai yang menganggap yang makanan perlu untuk hidup tapi ada juga yang berpegang pada hidup untuk makan.tak kisah yang mana satu anda, yang penting ada cukup makanan untuk semua.

Ubi ganti beras ke beras ganti gandum ke. Tak kisah tu semua. Yang penting kita ada cukup makanan sepanjang hayat.

Untuk Resepi supaya tak kebulur sila ke Mesra resepi

Tuesday, May 13, 2008



Saya ni nak dikatakan gadjet freak pun boleh jugak.Baru2 ni saya beli iphone.Orang cakap iphone tu phone paling canggih sekarang.So saya beli la. Walau pun belum launch kat sini,Saya beli jugak. Harga mahal tak apa,'biar papa asal bergaya'. saya beli yang dah siap unlock. 

Dah setahun saya pakai dan sekarang dah ada macam2 software saya dah download.Terdapat di Low Yatt Plaza

Rumah Atok


Gambar rumah lama ni betul2 membuat saya teringat kat arwah atok saya.kalau dulu balik kampung adalah satu2 activity yg paling saya suka.Banyak benda boleh buat. nak pergi rumah atok kena naik bot selama sejam baru sampai.

Bila sampai,perkara mula2 kami selalu buat adalah mandi sungai.Air sungai perak taklah secantik dulu.Macam lembu dalam lumpur,kami berkubang dalam sungai sampai jari jemari naik kecut.Tak Kisah,Janji happy.Bila dah golf jadi peeble, Kami pun balik rumah atok. 

Opah dah sedia dengan lunch . Pucuk Paku ,Ikan sepat sawah,pucuk ubi rebus,sambal tak ingat pedas nya ,gulai pisang,pucuk paku masak lemak dan macam2 ada.


Petang kami ke sungai lagi. Naik sampan dengan atok. Atok walaupun masa tu dah 78 tahun , Dia masih kuat berdayung. Aktiviti kami merangkumi menjala ikan, memancing dan mencari buah buahan dan sayur sayuran.Kita di bandar kalau tak ada shopping complex , fajar ke, carrefour ke giant ker mesti macam nak gila. Kat kampung ni okay jer. Semua ada.Rasa macam tak nak balik ke bandar.



Berpindah ke rumah baru memang memeningkan.Perbelanjaan berpindah satu hal.Perbelanjaan rumah baru lagi satu hal. Pokok nya memang kena pakai banyak duit.
Memang memenatkan.Pakcik lori tu pun complain pasal kena 3 kali angkut baru selesai.Tapi semua jerih perih penat sampai nak pitam tu semua berbaloi bila dah berpindah dan settle down.
Seronok tak terkata bila rumah yang kita beli (masih hutang bank)tu selesa dan cantik.