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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Johor Ride

Everybody was talking about this ride way weeks before and all of us were so excited that the day finally came.We started off in the wee hours of saturday morning.Reached Jb at about noon and we hit the mamak's straight away for some lunch as most of us were starving to death.

Checked in The Zon and some hit the bed and took a rest but most were seen jumping joy coming out from a duty free shop's with some crate's after crate's of booze."booze are very cheap here" some said.Can's after can's were consumed.We finally felt really rested and all those energy lost was replaced with a new one.Time flies when you're Having 'FUN'.

The next thing we know , its dinner time. We were treated to a very nice BBQ buffet courtesy of uncle johnny and Handle Bar. Stuffed to the bone and its party time .We hit the dance floor in the Handle Bar to the sound of a live band and Dj.Wow all those energy water really makes you wanna dance and dance and more dance and more energy H2o.Ziipp it... Its bedtime.. ZZZzzz..

Got up with a bad hangover but managed to make it on time for Morning Briefing.A quick breakfast and we are ready to hit the road. All 12 bikes were roaring thunder and the traffic was on our side.

Smooth sailing untill one part of the journey back to KL where we have to go easy on the trottle as its started to rain cat's and dog's.We moved on in the rain soaking wet tip to toe. As marble's turned into peebles we kept goin and took a couple of stop's for gas.

After All those long journey and all, we finally reached KL . Tired but satisfied. You can tell when you see all those faces smiling back at you.We are looking foward for more rides.

It's addictive.

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bomoh_ajaib said...

See that u guys had great time. Anyways did anyone meet the Tokey Keropok a.k.a Keropok Poyo guy.
Wish I could ride along..maybe in the next convoy.

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